CanView is a collaboration between Webmad and The Wifi Guys. This site is more about the cameras though, and attracting people to the beauty of the Canterbury region of New Zealand.

CanView was born from a collaboration between the Wifi Guys and Webmad - Webmad has a few cameras and was live streaming the feeds out on the web. Matt at the Wifi Guys has been placing wireless repeaters and services at many scenic locations covering Canterbury, and at most locations has been installing cameras in order to monitor the conditions and showcase the beauty of the Canterbury area.

Webmad had the streaming video expertise and capability to re-stream the camera feeds from Matt in order to not overwhelm the cameras. The collaboration has led to CanView - cameras live streaming views from all over Canterbury so anyone can come an check locations before they visit, or just admire the wonderful views.

Not seeing a location you'd like us to profile? Let us know.